City Commission clears the way for Frankie Beans Cafe 2019-05-10T04:56:07+00:00

City Commission clears the way for Frankie Beans Café

DELRAY, Florida……The city of Delray has approved a resolution thereby clearing the way for the first Frankie Beans café to be developed and located at the downtown luxury Caspian building located at 190 S. Federal Highway-Delray Beach, Florida and is slated for the delivery second quarter of 2019.

Meet Frankie Beans: ( Coming Soon ) 

The Frankie Beans story begins with one man’s vision and commitment to help bring positive social impact to the lives of others.

The café will feature barista coffee and other specialty products like artisan chocolates, gelato and pastries. The café which is a pay forward outreach project by Frank Pesce and Edward Cannatelli will feature, fundraise and employ the local outreach community through the nonprofits. There will also be the FB community room which will allow the nonprofits to hold their local chapter meetings for their mission objectives along with the local business community. It’s all about the FB EXPERIENCE and the community to learn and support worthy causes as well as engaging to support the local outreach staff member.

WELCOME HOME to the “Frankie Beans” experience where DRINKING FOR CHANGE with every cup of coffee served brings positive IMPACT to others…



In stores in the special coffees we bring to Frankie Beans, our primary criteria is quality. We diligently source the best coffee beans from around the world.


Beyond the technical innovations we constantly pursue across all fronts, roasting remains a craft of patience, understanding, finesse.


From what you’ll find in our warm cafés to what you’ll you’ll reproduce at home, our philosophy of brewing finds it’s heart in care.